Starlight Rural Hotels and Houses- Advantages

Certified Rural Hotels and Houses receive the following from the Starlight Foundation:

– Advice on the acquisition of basic astronomical observation equipment: small telescopes, binoculars, sky charts and other equipment and facilities.

– Aid in measuring the quality of the night sky and advice on where to place the observation instruments.

– Basic training for the personnel of the Rural Hotel or House, if required, in order to work as astronomical monitors.

– Inclusion on the Foundation website, in the section devoted to express publicity of these establishments and their activities.

– The possibility of promotion by other means at the instigation of the Foundation.

– Participation in programs which involve special astronomical tourism offers.

– Advice on how to improve the external lighting of the establishment in order to facilitate night-time observation.

As well as the above, the Starlight Rural Hotel or House may use the Foundation logo in the format it wishes (plaques, flags, advertising, etc).

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